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Honey Bees: Why They Are In Decline and 6 Easy Ways to Help Them

If you follow organic living and environmental impact issues, or are interested in the news at all (I realise that both are highly likely if you are reading this article!), you will have come across the trouble in which bees across the globe are finding themselves in....
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Earthing – Get Healthy, Improve Sleep and Feel Better

Have you ever stopped to consider why you feel so refreshed after a barefoot walk down the beach? How does it feel to walk around your garden in the sunshine - without shoes? You see, in both of these events you are 'earthing', and this contributes towards the 'feel...
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The Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Once upon a time, all food was organic. Before the invention of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, we solely relied on natural methods of farming, such as crop rotation. This ensured that the food that we grew was healthy and nutritious, both inside and out. As...
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Soap Nuts For Natural, Organic Laundry Care

We have completely made the switch to only using organic soap nuts, and organic washing liquid in our house. Why? Soap nuts are inexpensive, natural and are still just as good at washing your clothes. Not to mention that they are softer on your skin, as well as your...
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Organic Deodorant – 7 Health Benefits and Our Top Picks

Organic deodorant is natural, healthy and pure. You see, organic deodorants help to nourish your body, without plastering it with the dangerous chemicals and substances that are present in many standard deodorants and anti-perspirants - like aluminium, and parabens....
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Coconut Oil: Benefits, Uses and Where to Source

Coconut oil is one of the most beneficial foods on the planet, and it is certainly a healthy substitute for vegetable and other oils. What is Coconut Oil? Coconut Oil is extracted from coconuts. It is made up of 100% fat, however do not think that this is a bad thing....
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